Stick Curling

Stick Curling

Stick Curling is increasing in popularity in Canada and the world. An extensive explanation of stick curling with competitive opportunites can be found on the CurlON site. Click Here for details. It is a great resource for those new to curling or those who are restricted in any way with physical limitations. Like any other aid, the stick allows players to participate in a wide range of leagues and events from purely recreational to competitive level curling. At the Granite, many of our members use a stick in many of regular 4 person leagues.

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stick Curling

Two Person Stick Curling

Two Person Stick Curling (TPSC) is growing in momentum in Ontario. The game is fast moving. It involves a limited amount of sweeping and movement that appeals to many of our members. The rules for TPSC with an explanation of the rules can be found here This is courtesy of the Canadian Stick Curling Association.
In 2019-20 we introduced a TPCS League. We had 9 teams that played every Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, covid cancelled our last draw of the season, and all of 2020-21. Feedback on our league was overwhemingly positive!

Here are some shots of our TPSC League

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In December 0f 2019 we ran our first annual Two Person Stick Bonspiel. We had 16 teams from all around Ontario entered in our one day event. Again, we got very positive feedback about our bonspiel. Unfortunately, Covid cancelled our event for the past 3 years.

Here are some shots from our First Two Person Stick Spiel held in Dec. 2019.
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