2023 Hamilton District Mixed


Second Event Winners

Congratulations to : skip – Steve Henderson, vice – Jen Lawson, second – Bruce Lawson, lead – Corrie Henderson

Second Event Finalists

Congratulations to:(r to l) skip – Glenn Dorsey, vice – Margo Mandigo, second – Frank Otterspoor, lead – Jan Chappel.

Third Event Winners

Congratulations to: (not in order) skip – Robbie Brydon, vice – Lise McLeod, second – Mark Finstad, lead – Joanne Oda.


First Event Finalists

Congratulations to:(not in order) skip – Mark Edmondson, vice – Cathy Dufresne, second – Des Dufresne, lead – Marina Edmondson

Fourth Event Winners

Congratulations to:(not in order) skip – Lyle Gauley, vice – Nancy Tunis, second – Sean Keily, lead- Jo Ivey

Thanks to Lorraine Davison for posting these pictures.