Hamilton District Results


Open Division

First Event Champions

skip – Lorna Howarth, vice – Alex MacKay, second – Pat Price, lead – Lise McLeod

Second Event Finalists

skip – Carly Vandaele, vice – Lorraine Davidson, second – Laurie Gunderman, lead – Deb Pearson

Third Event Winners

skip – Liz Bee, vice – Alannah Cornish, second – Pat Gowan, lead- Kelly Biagi


Open Division

First Event Finalists

skip – Ray Lappalainen, vice – Scott Llewellyn, second – Mike Kindiak, lead- Tom Jamieson

Senior Division

First Event Champions

skip – Wayne Gowan, vice – Rhod Trainor, second – Peter Kislinsky, lead – John Nixon

Fourth Event Winners

skip – Ken Mattis, vice – Bruce Lawson, second – Mike Hiltz, lead- Charlie Stuckey

Masters Division

Fourth Event Winners

skip – Lyle Gauley, vice – Dennis Montieth, second – Barrie Conron, lead – Ray St. John

Grand Masters

First Event Finalists

skip – Mike Green, vice – Art Raymond, second – Gerry Hagen, lead- Frank Kovacs

Third Event Finalists

skip – David Simpson, vice – Ernie Zwick, second – Frank Lacey, lead – Brian Henderson

Fifth Event Finalists

skip – Mike Howard, vice – Barry Roberts, second – Greg Rutledge, lead – Tom Bryner

Congratulations the all of the Granite teams that represented the club so well.