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We have received many compliments about our new look website. I must apologize to our new members who may not know how to get a member login. If one clicks on the “Member Login” button, the login page comes up. Below the login, is the word “Register”. Click on that, fill in the information and click “Register”.

member login

Fill in the information and click on “Register”. The form is sent to the administrator for approval. When approved, a password is emailed back to the member. The password is computer generated and quite obscure. Members can change the password by going to their profile by clicking on “Howdy, Member login”, clicking on edit my profile and scrolling down to generate new password. Click on it, delete the old password and enter a personal one. Then click save.

“Picobits” owned by Angela Robson continues to host our site at no cost. We are grateful for her continued support. As for administration, I am doing it on my own. I am by no means trained as an administrator. I am self-trained. If there is any member with expertise willing to help, I would welcome the assistance with open arms.